joi, 10 mai 2012

And there is a light

For all the times I tried for this
And every chance at you I missed
I’ve been known to go my way but I confess
It made me miss you more
I drew my line across the sand
And set my flank in no mans land
But here I am the one man band
With a song that’s meant for two
And there is a light
From a higher window
Shining down on you tonight
And the music floats on the breeze
Bringing an easier time.
And all of our cards are on the table
Tell me what you want to do
Just don’t tell that it’s too late
For me to love you.
How perfect we were meant to be
Our warm and silent symmetry
It’s times like these when all
All we need is to be reminded
And I have flown a thousand miles
To empty rooms and crowded aisles
And we went from cathedral bells
To show and tell and wish you wells
And I still look at you
And I am blinded.
I am blinded

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